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Thursday, June 3, 2010

#06 Sassy Prints


Length: 72 cm
Bust: Up to 96 cm
Colours: Dark gray

We recommend UK 8 - UK 12

Works as a sassy tank dress for the petites or a tank top for the tall girls.
It practically screams sexy, dont you think? :)

RM 30

#05 Sashed Chic

Length: 64 cm
Bust: Up to 98 cm
pink(sold out)

We recommend UK 4- UK 10

satin, loving the sheer drape :)
a stunning dress that redefines your curves

RM 30

#04 Pretty Plaid

Length: 58 cm
Bust: Up to 98 cm
Colour: Red, Blue

We recommend UK 4-UK 10.

a fun plaid shirt for work or play :)

RM 32

#03 Studded Beauty

Length: 6 cm
Pit to pit: 40 cm (stretchy cotton)
Colours: White, black, red

We recommend UK 8- UK 14

a stunning, studded toga-like dress :)

RM 32

#02 Rosie

Length: 70 cm
Pit to pit: 45 cm (very stretchy)
Thick cotton - Quality assured!

Fits UK 8- UK 14

absolutely beautiful floral patterns :) paired with tights for that glamorous touch.
works as fun, cute and flirty dress too!

RM 32

#01 Bedazzled Toga

Length: 78cm
Bust: fits 95cm - 115cm
Sleeve: 53cm
(A full arm' length - not 3/4 as shown in the studio shots)

We recommend: UK 10 - UK 14
(its a little loose at the bust area on a UK 8)

Worn as a dress on a 155cm, a long top on a 165cm.

RM 32